Despite the crocodile’s berserk thrashing, the leopard dragged it away from the water, and they began tumbling and twisting around in the dirt... STORY NO. 29: LEOPARD VERSUS CROCODILE BY HAL BRINDLEY
The hippo swam quietly up behind the impala and began gently nudging it along through the water, lifting it from below whenever the impala floundered or began to sink... STORY NO. 6: THE HIPPO, THE IMPALA AND THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS BY SYLVESTER MOTALN
With a high-pitched squeal, The calf dug its heels into the mud and flapped its ears in panic while the croc tugged and tugged on its trunk... STORY NO. 14: HOW THE ELEPHANT GOTS ITS TRUNK BY JOHAN OPPERMAN
But what now? We had thought it would be funny to drive to the nearest petrol station and tell the attendant: 'Yes, please check the oil and water...' STORY NO. 80: YES, ALL CARS HAVE COILS BY WINSTON FLOQUET
He spread his suitcase out on the roof of the car, calmly unzipped it and began gingerly rifling through it as though he was in a hotel room looking for his glasses... STORY NO. 47: AN UNUSUAL SIGHTING DOWNSTREAM BY ARSHAD BHAMJEE
The domestic dog came bursting out of the grass on the right with such ferocity it took the wild dogs by surprise... STORY NO. 27: DOG DAY MORNING BY ANDRE LIENARD


Errata in early editions (now corrected):

Pg 181. 'the seven of us guests on the walk that day' should read 'the eight of us guests on the walk that day'
Pg 325. 'Richard McKibbon' should read 'Richard McKibbin'.

Errata in current edition:

Pg 40. 'At the top end of Long Tom' should read 'At the foot of Long Tom'

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