Despite the crocodile’s berserk thrashing, the leopard dragged it away from the water, and they began tumbling and twisting around in the dirt... STORY NO. 29: LEOPARD VERSUS CROCODILE BY HAL BRINDLEY
The hippo swam quietly up behind the impala and began gently nudging it along through the water, lifting it from below whenever the impala floundered or began to sink... STORY NO. 6: THE HIPPO, THE IMPALA AND THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS BY SYLVESTER MOTALN
With a high-pitched squeal, The calf dug its heels into the mud and flapped its ears in panic while the croc tugged and tugged on its trunk... STORY NO. 14: HOW THE ELEPHANT GOTS ITS TRUNK BY JOHAN OPPERMAN
But what now? We had thought it would be funny to drive to the nearest petrol station and tell the attendant: 'Yes, please check the oil and water...' STORY NO. 80: YES, ALL CARS HAVE COILS BY WINSTON FLOQUET
He spread his suitcase out on the roof of the car, calmly unzipped it and began gingerly rifling through it as though he was in a hotel room looking for his glasses... STORY NO. 47: AN UNUSUAL SIGHTING DOWNSTREAM BY ARSHAD BHAMJEE
The domestic dog came bursting out of the grass on the right with such ferocity it took the wild dogs by surprise... STORY NO. 27: DOG DAY MORNING BY ANDRE LIENARD

"Absolutely jaw-dropping stories" — Jenny Crwys-Williams, Radio 702

An enraged elephant flips a car onto its roof. A lioness prises open the door of a terrified couple. A leopard helps itself to a family’s picnic breakfast. A fleeing impala leaps through an open car window. A lion charges around inside a busy rest camp. A hyaena snatches a baby from a tent. A tourist takes a bath in a croc-infested dam…

These are just a few of the 101 jaw-dropping sightings, scrapes and encounters in this collection of extraordinary true stories from the roads, camps, picnic sites and walking trails of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, as told by the very people who experienced them. There are no game ranger tales here – each and every story happened to an ordinary Kruger visitor doing what over a million tourists do in this spectacular reserve each year.

It is a book to keep by your bedside in Kruger, to dip into at home when you’re missing the bush, to lend to friends who’ve never visited Kruger, or to pore over before your next trip. Just don’t expect to ever sleep soundly in a safari tent again…

Take a sneak-peek inside the book...

  • Sample tale 1

    Angry Elephant's Road Rage Rampage

    by Sander Hofman

    An angry bull elephant has its patience tested by a tourist who refuses to move. The results are disastrous - for the tourist and for an unsuspecting couple!

  • Sample tale 2

    A Small Knife and a Big Dilemma

    by Henk & Hilda Maree

    When an impala runs beneath the wheels of a car and breaks its back, the driver is left with an awful choice to make: slit its throat, or let it die in agony...

  • Sample tale 3

    The Hippo, the Impala and the Natural Order of Things

    by Sylvester Motaln

    The hippo is the grouchiest of all Africa's animals, but will its astonishing streak of kindess be enough to save a plucky impala from a crocodile attack?

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The second edition will be just like the first: an un-put-downable collection of extraordinry tales from the Kruger National Park in the words of ordinary, everyday visitors to the Park - just like you!

Just about everyone who has visited the park has a great Kruger story to tell. Now's your chance to share it (and nobody will yawn)! Short or long, funny or serious, tragic or light-hearted I want to hear YOUR Kruger story and share it with some of the other 1.5 million annual visitors to this most extraordinary game reserve!

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I understand that these are fireside tales, so I have avoided as best I can novel-style writing and have just written my story exactly as it happened (where necessary, explaining my feelings and other descriptive details etc.) as if I was telling it to friends around the braai.

I have not used my story as a platform for axe-grinding or agenda-setting, and I have avoided overt, gratuitous or superfluous references to politics, race or religion.

Step 2. Your Story

There is no minimum or maximum length for your stories, but a good guideline is somewhere between 300 and 1200 words (more if necessary), but please include as much detail as possible. Try and paint a picture of what happened, don't be shy to write exactly how you talk and don't leave out ANY of the important details!

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Large book
If you only read one book about Kruger - this is it. Beware however, the stories are infectious and you'll be planning your own trip before the first chapter is done. I simply couldn't put it down! - Cameron Ewart-Smith, author of the Getaway Guide to Kruger National Park and former editor of Getaway Magazine
An absolutely fantastic read ... I can't think of a better way to experience the Kruger than through these fireside stories - Andrea Weiss, founding editor of go! Magazine
101 stories ... brilliantly told ... Some dramatic and some light-hearted, but all of them colourful and awash with the smell and sounds of the bush! - Gray King,
Best book ever written about Kruger National Park... - Dana Atkinson, author of Traveling Africa: A Woman's Guide
Outstanding ... Couldn't put it down - read it in two days! Didn't want it to finish. - Marinda Drake, White River
Stunning book ... Nearly impossible to put down. An exciting tribute to one of South Africa's best loved parks. - Wild Magazine
I just want to climb inside the book ... it is absolutely wonderful. - Louise Roth Fisher, Melbourne, Australia
Inpsiring ... scary ... awesome ... or all of those things and more. Beautifully written, easy to read; a must for anyone who has been or is thinking about going on safari in Kruger. - Monica Guy, CT, USA

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